Friday, October 11, 2019

The will makes miracles

An old man is continuing his university studies

An old man is continuing his university studies

A grizzly man enters the hall at the Facultyo
f Arts
On the first day of study ..
The students stopped thinking that it was Dr.
But he took a place among his fellow students

After the lecture wrapped around the students questioned ??
 He said to them:
I am a shoemaker working in shoe repair

I have 7 of them:
Accountants ... engineers ... and an officer was born ... and built a pharmacy ... and doctors ... and
tires in the state ..
At a family evening ... my children were talking
In the topic of ... scientific ...
One of my sons said to me:
Baba so as not to take us, we are talking about a scientific subject and you do not understand it ...
I was saddened by my son's answer but I did not answer !!

The next day I went and bought the ninth grade textbooks and I was studying in the shop without anyone's knowledge

Then I bought the baccalaureate books and put them in the shop and stayed studying for three years until I was allowed to take the exam and advanced and succeeded and no one knows in my house

Today I started the university stage and, God willing, I will invite my children after graduation to tell them:
This certificate may allow the cobbler who has your Lord and your knowledge
 To share your conversation

Oh really !! Some words are fatal !!

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